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Css even odd div

css even odd div

are always a subset of the elements represented by the last sequence of simple selectors. Matrix(a, c, b, d, tx, ty) Applies a 2D transformation matrix comprised of the specified six values. Button:not(disabled) The following selector represents all but FOO elements. For values of a and b greater than zero, this effectively divides the element's children into groups of a elements (the last group taking the remainder and selecting the bth element of each group. Such a situation could be reached using mixtures of xml:id, DOM, XML DTDs, and namespace-specific knowledge. In CSS a :first-line pseudo-element is similar to an inline-level element if its float property is none; otherwise, it is similar to a floated element. Simple Tree Transformation Sheets. One such example of namespace-specific knowledge is the prose in the specification for a particular namespace (e.g. Groups of selectors A comma-separated list of selectors represents the union of all elements selected by each of the individual selectors in the list. The following properties that apply to :first-letter pseudo-elements: font properties, text-decoration, text-transform, letter-spacing, word-spacing (when appropriate line-height, float, vertical-align (only if float is none margin properties, padding properties, border properties, color property, background properties.

only-of-type pseudo-class The :only-of-type pseudo-class represents an element that has no siblings with the vrvarsel bod same expanded element name. Html:lang(fr-be) html:lang(de) :lang(fr-be) q :lang(de) q The difference between :lang(C) and the operator is that the operator only performs a comparison against a given attribute on the element, while the :lang(C) pseudo-class uses the UAs knowledge of the document's semantics to perform the comparison. CSS example: In this example, we condense three rules with identical declarations into one. There can optionally set a blur factor to give a warmer effect to the shadow. User agents that do not support interactive media do not have to support this pseudo-class.